Common reasons for why the government wants you to link Aadhaar card?

Common reasons for why the government wants you to link Aadhaar card?

Aadhaar card is considered to be one of the most important identification proofs of Indian citizens. Whether you have applied for a passport or want to activate your SIM card, Aadhaar card is required in almost every deal. Aadhaar card not only helps you to avail the LPG subsidy but also using this ID proof, you can get your passport within 10 days after applying. Nowadays, linking of Aadhaar card with other ID proofs such as PAN card, mobile number, bank account, and etc have become a major argument.

The utmost reason why the government is compelling us to connect our Aadhaar card with a bank account is to record all the monetary as well as non-monetary transactions and their sources. Linking our Aadhaar can track our every record that further assists the government to identify the illegal deals. However, this linkage of Aadhar created a huge argument among the people as our every transaction is exposed to the government and thus, the Indians can no more enjoy privacy in their deals.

Why link Aadhaar card with PAN card?

The Supreme Court has made it obligatory to link your AAadhaar card with PAN card before July 1, 2017. There was a huge fuss among the citizens about why the government is asking to connect both the ID proofs.The goverment will also enquiry about the status of your aadhar card whether its has been linked or not.The income tax department elucidated that this linkage can preserve your PAN card from getting canceled and hence, it the Aadhaar and PAN linking became mandatory for every Indian citizen.

Why is it important?

Aadhar linking not only assures safety and legal transaction but also aids the people in diverse ways. Here are some major benefits which can only be accessed by linking your Aadhaar card with the bank.

  • Direct benefit transfer – recently, the Indian government is providing LPG subsidy benefits to various people that are paid directly via bank account. In order to receive the subsidy and to ensure safe and secure payments, linking your Aadhaar card with a bank account is a necessity.
  • Digital life certification – this scheme enables the direct payment of pensioner to their bank accounts. When Aadhaar cards were not issued, the pensioner was paid by cash transactions. However, the linking system has made it very easy to follow the cashless transaction.
  • Safety – the main reason for why the government wants you to link Aadhaar to your bank is to enable safety of your money. You must also know that the fraudsters may link his Aadhaar card with your bank account to have a complete access to your money. Therefore, it is a must to get your Aadhaar ID and bank account linked.


Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has clarified that the Aadhaar card of every Indian citizen must be linked with their respective bank account to ensure the safety of their transactions. According to the recent reports, the bank now possesses the authority to freeze your account if it is not linked to the Aadhaar card within the deadline.

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